The Wandarri Stud (No 634) was established in 1969 at Boonah SEQ trading as Wandarri Cattle Company the family partnership was divided  when Mick & Desley bought:
“Rockey Glen” Thangool CQ in 1981.
Then “Saratoga” 4/1989.
“Lookerbie View”  9/1989
“Cattle Creek” 1999.

The stud now runs approx. 1800 females of Grey, Red and Light Skin Reds Brahmans and Black and Red Brangus.

 The Grey Stud Herd is solely Australian Blood form the 1940-1950’s  importation with no American (Hudgins) blood in the females since that time giving Hudgins blood breeders a  source of totally different genetics.

 Thoroughbred Horses Standing Kaaptive Edition (NZ) and a select band of Mares.

First Showings of Stud Brahmans was in the mid 1970’s and very successful showing of Brangus steers.

 Only missing one year at Brisbane Royal form 1982-99 with many successes culminating in 1999 with Senior and Grand Champion Bull Wandarri Governor also Junior Champion Heifer & Sires Progeny Group.

Wandarri Governor

 In 1989 on our first trip to Sydney royal we were most successful with

Junior & Grand Champion Bull
Senior Champion Bull
Junior Champion Heifer & Sires Group

In 1993 Sydney Royal

Senior & Grand Champion Bull
Junior Champion Bull

Wandarri Vagabond & Wandarri Vancouver

But our Biggest Show Success was with Cherokee LC Silver 2/1 who was the ABBA Sire of the Year in 92, 93 and 94.

Cherokee LC Silver 2/1

Wandarri Vagabond, Wandarri Vancouver & Wandarri Varalee
Sire group by Cherokee LC Silver 2/1

Champion Carcase , Beef 94.
Sired by a Wandarri Bull

To Breed Brahman Cattle that are easy care and profitable.

High Zebu Content therefore great constitution.


Temperament Second to none.

 With the emphasis on females which are the back bone of any stud breeding.

The following verse puts together some of our thoughts about our females.

We do not desire to have any Janes
That are the biggest and plain
That need lots and lots of grain
For little economic gain
But we do aspire to having lots of Janes
That are beautiful and sane.
That have parking lights like Fonda Jane
Not headlights like Mansfield Jane
That produce lots of economic gain
With very little rain
On our little bit of plain
Because the weather man always says the same
That we'll be in the fine elsewhere area again